Joel Littlepage

Pastor & Pianist

Advent Prayer Guide

Sample Page

If you are looking for a way to incorporate rhythms of prayer and worship into your life throughout this holy season of Advent, I offer to you this humble attempt at a prayer guide. It features weekly themes, weekly family devotions, weekly songs, and daily liturgies to pray through in community (or on your own). 

Here's a snippet from the introduction:

Common worship and prayer has always been a part of the life of the people of God. In the Scriptures, the Psalms are the most obvious representation of this reality because they function as the hymnbook, daily prayer guide, and liturgical calendar of Israel (i.e. certain Psalms for certain times and occasions throughout the Jewish calendar). The most basic form of this, for us, is on Sunday morning, when we believers gather together to sing common songs, pray common prayers, eat the same Lord’s Supper, and hear the same word preached. Yet, for most strands of Christendom, other times of weekly and daily worship and prayer have been seen as vital and necessary for living a life of discipleship in the local (and global) body.

This prayer guide is an entrance into that experience of common prayer and worship. Here you will find a daily “liturgy” for worship that includes Old and New Testament scripture readings, Psalms, prayers, refrains, hymns, and songs. It is an amazingly unifying experience to know that you and your Church family are worshipping together in a common way throughout this season of Advent, whether together or apart. As directors and pastors at Redeemer, we pray that this guide would be an enriching and sanctifying experience for our whole community in this most holy season.

May all of us experience a vibrant communion with the Triune God during this season of Advent, where we enter into anxious longings, sorrowful lament, unrivaled joy, and quieting peace together, waiting for the visitation of our Lord Jesus.

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