Joel Littlepage

Pastor & Pianist

2016-17 Christmas & Epiphany Prayer Book

Greetings to you and yours as we near the day of Christmas, celebrating the incarnation of our Lord. I pray that this Advent season has been one of loving communion with God in the midst of the deep sorrows, wounds, and joys that come from life in this world.

Today, I am releasing my 2016-17 Christmas & Epiphany Prayer Book

This prayer guide is an entrance into an experience of common daily prayer that journeys along through the Christian Year. Here you will find a daily liturgy for prayer that includes Psalms, Old and New Testament, and Gospel readings, times for meditation and contemplation, confessions, prayers, traditional refrains, hymns, and songs. It is a holy and unifying experience to know that you, your local congregation, and the Church of Jesus around the world are worshipping together in a common way throughout these seasons, whether together or apart. This year, the guide uses scripture selections and weekly prayers (or “collects”) from the Daily Office Lectionary within the Book of Common Prayer (the lectionary and prayer book of the Church of England). Though most of the assigned scripture is included, there is not enough space to fit every reading on every day, so you are encouraged to “fill out” the readings with those found here:

For the music portion of this season's prayer book, please use the additional Christmas & Epiphany Songbook, which can be downloaded below. There is a streaming Spotify playlist, Redeemer W-S Christmas & Epiphany Sounds that goes with the guide here.

For family devotionals and practices, I recommend using the family devotional guide created for each season by Trinity Presbyterian, a sister church in Charlottesville, VA found here.

Front Cover Artwork: Natividad by Lalo Garcia. 4' x 6' | Acrylic on Canvas.

May all of us experience a vibrant communion with the Triune God during these seasons of Christmas & Epiphany as we learn more and more what it means to live a life of prayer.