Joel Littlepage

Pastor & Pianist

2017 Lenten Prayer Book, Part II

Today, I am releasing part two of my 2017 Lenten Prayer Book. 

This prayer book is an entrance into an experience of common daily prayer that journeys along through the Christian Year. Here you will find a morning and evening liturgy for prayer that includes Psalms, Old & New Testament, and Gospel readings, times for silence, meditation and contemplation, confessions of sin, traditional prayers, meditative prayers, refrains, creeds, and times for singing. There are also weekly themes, reflections, postures, and practices. It is a holy and unifying experience to know that you, your local congregation, and the Body of Christ around the world are worshipping together in a common way throughout these seasons, whether together or apart.

This prayer book features many prayers from Canyon Road: A Book of Prayer by Kari Kristina Reeves (©2016 Atlas Spiritual Designs), which can be purchased here.

Front cover artwork:  “Our Sake/Forsaken” (2015). Charcoal, graphite, and water colour. 11′′ by 15′′ by Fiona Moes Pel.

Feel free to use and share.


Let us pray.


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Click for PDF