Joel Littlepage

Pastor & Pianist



A Common Daily Prayerbook For The People Of God



The Daily Prayer Project is an entrance into the experience of common prayer. It is an attempt to embrace a model of prayer that emphasizes the communal and historic practice of prayer, which fuels and forms our individual lives of prayer in the present season of our lives. It is a holy, unifying, and empowering experience to know that you and your community are praying together in a common way throughout the Christian Year and that you rest upon the heritage of the mothers and fathers of the global and historic Christian faith in the practice of prayer.

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Current Prayerbook: Ordinary Time, Part 3

Featured Artist: Virginia Wiering | “Celebrating the Mystery of Faith 2”

On this piece: “Celebrating the Mystery of Faith 2” is a continuation of a series called Gathered Togetherwhich focuses on groups of people in worship. Zigzag lines imply Divine energy. The rainbow colors reflecton God’s promises and the inclusion of the broad spectrum of humanity. The people are not male or female- just people. The labyrinth suggests that we all follow different paths and carry different burdens but are all joined in communion and fellowship through Christ. God’s work in the world and the mystery of life’s interweaving are profound. The symbol in the window reminds us of the Triune nature of God- a concept that is also weighty. In worship we celebrate this mystery of faith: “Christ has died, Christ is Risen, Christ will come again”. The last two pieces of that are unfathomable. We must let go and be drawn into the mystery.”